Popular Types of Halong Tourism

Halong Bay is known as one of the most popular destinations for both domestic tourists and foreigners. Halong bay is full of charm, steeped with magically natural beauty, mysterious caves and teeming with indigenous...
Scuba- diving

Halong Bay Scuba-Diving

For tourists who love discovery, scuba-diving will be a favorite activity on Halong Bay. By scuba-diving, tourists will have chance to see the wonderful underwater world of Halong by their all eyes. Halong Bay is...
Hoi An Beach

Hoi An Beach

Cua Dai beach, 4km northeast of Hoi An, is one of the best beaches in Central Vietnam. With 3km length and 300m width, blue water and soft white sand, it makes an ideal venue...
Sailing on the Gulf of Tonkin

Sailing on the Gulf of Tonkin

The mystical legend of Halong Bay tells the story of a dragon descending from the mountain, and as it plummets into the waters, its lashing tail furrowed the massive land leaving only its sharp...
Halong seafood

4 Places To Enjoy Halong Seafood

Besides sightseeing, exploring the lives of local people, eating fresh seafood is an experience you shouldn't miss out when traveling Halong. There are 4 popular places to enjoy seafood in Halong. 1. Yacht Most of travelers...
Nha Trang

Nha Trang

Nha Trang lies in a valley surrounded by mountains to the north, west and south, and Southeast Asia Sea to the east. Cai River and Cua Be River divide Nha Trang into three parts with...
Ba na hills

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na hills is a hill station and  resort located in the Truong Son Mountains west of the city of Da Nang, in central Vietnam. The station, advertised as "the Dalat of Da Nang province" by local tourism authorities,...
Family trip

Tips For A Family Trip In Halong Bay

A family trip in Halong bay can be a memorable experience for you and your children. It is a great time to play together and enjoy a leisure vacation in Halong bay - one...
Luxury cruise

4 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Luxury Cruise In Halong Bay

Luxury tourism is now popular in Vietnam and Halong Bay is set to see a big change in the way that it is explored by visitors. Halong Bay cruises are certainly the way to...
Ti Top Beach

Cycling – Trekking on The Beach of Halong Bay

In order to deeply enjoy quiet atmosphere and scenic setting on the beach, cycling and trekking will be a good suggestion for the trip on Halong Bay. Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island is ideal...

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Accommodations in Cat Ba (Part 3)

Rimming the furthest sandy edge of Cat Co 2 beach, the charming yet dinky stone-and-thatch bungalows of this resort sit within a manicured lawn dotted with palm trees, and boast open-air bathrooms.

Accommodations in Cat Ba (Part 2)

One step removed from the hustle of town, this collection of gaily decorated bungalows (both private and dorm options) is backed by a cliff.

Accommodations in Cat Ba (Part 1)

Practically accommodations in Cat Ba is located along the harbour road (1-4 Street) or the Nui Ngoc loop. Check out the list of Cat Ba hotels and resorts for your trips.

Attractive experiences in Halong Bay (Part 5)

Not only is Halong Bay a spectacular destination for sightseeing in Vietnam, but also is an ideal place for adventurous sports.