Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba island is reffered as an alternative destination for Halong when there are too many tourists visiting Halong bay in a day. Not as crowded as Halong bay but Cat Ba has many beautiful sightseeing to visit and a range of outdoor activities: go kayaking, swimming in clean water, visit hundred year floating village or go rock climbing…

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About Cat Ba islands

Cat Ba islands is located in Hai Phong city. It is about 10 km South East of Halong bay. Cat Ba incuded Cat Ba islands and Lan Ha bay where many tourists love to come to trek in to Cat Ba national park or take a cruise to visit Lan Ha bay islets and beaches and floating villages.

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Cat Ba Islands is in the South of Halong bay world heritage. It consists of 367 islands, off the coast of Hai Phong city and Quang Ninh province, it is far from the center of Hai Phong city about 30 km, from the city of Ha Long about 25 km. Administratively, it is the islands of Cat Hai district, Hai Phong city. It has been recognized as the World Biosphere Reserve.
Cat Ba is the place between the forest and the sea blend, creating a one of a kind landscapes. Come to this beautiful island , visitors are not only bathed in cool blue beaches, but also can discover mysterious nature through primitive forests on the island. Cat Ba National Park is extensive 15,200 ha of tropical forests with system wide 570 ha rich flora and fauna, the species is characteristic white head and Kim Giao trees.

Cat Ba Island is the giant green carpet contains many mysterious and attractive . Worthy of the Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve 3rd Vietnam, is now recognized as a UNESCO biosphere reserve in the world. The total area of ​​the Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve 26,000 ha wide, with 2 core zone (strict conservation and human impacts), 2 buffer (allowing economic growth combined with limited but conservation) and two transition zones (economic development). Zone Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve is the full convergence on the tropical rain forest of limestone islands, mangroves, coral reefs, grass beds and especially the cave system. Cat Ba Cai Beo there remains the Halong culture, the way people have lived here 6475 – 4200 year .

With charm bestowed by nature, biological diversity and the tremendous value of the nation’s history, Cat Ba has been and will be an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

How to come to Cat Ba island

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You can come to Cat Ba island center (Cat Ba town) by going to Hai Phong city, then go by speed boat from Hai Phong (Ben Binh harbour) to Cat Bai town (about 50 minutes on boat). There is a company called Hoang Long has daily buses from Luong Yen bus station in Hanoi to go package trip (bus and boat) to Cat Ba island town. If you come from Ho Chi Minh city, there is a flight to come to Hai Phong city and then you go by speed boat to Cat Ba town.

You can come to Cat Ba by going to Halong bay, then take a ferry at Tuan Chau island to reach Gia Luan harbour in Cat Ba island, then take a taxi to Cat Ba town in 30 minutes more.

Many tourists are advised to take a package tour to visit Halong bay, sleep on boat 1 night then go to Cat Ba to sleep one more night in Cat Ba town or in a bungalow on a private beach.

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