Tam Cung Grotto in Halong

Tam cung Grotto

Famous for beautiful and unique caves, Halong is becoming a popular and ideal destination conquering the most demanding customers.

Each cave of Halong carries a name for the curious visitors to discover and so Tam Cung Grotto does.

Tam cung Grotto

The Tam Cung Grotto or Three-royal residence Grotto is arranged in the inside of Ha Long Bay, 5 km from Sung Sot Grotto to the northeast. Tam Cung Grotto is situated on the May Den Island – an island which is almost separate from the other islands. The cave itself is separated into three sections; in the wake of threading the stone breaks, you discover the first chamber. Numerous lovely structures could be accumulated from the rough shapes.

When entering the first compartment, visitors may hear a strange sound like the traditional instruments sound. Around the cabinet, there are plenty of stalactites that look like elves. On the roof of grotto, stalactites form a picture of a white flower. In the second compartment, there is a clean stream and stalactites are arranged into many strange curtains.

To reach the second chamber of Tam Cung Grotto, tourists will pass a bumpy way through a fresh water stream which is murmuring round year. And the last chamber will bring visitors further extraordinary stone depictions. Tourists can also see a “fairy” whose white beard flies in the wind climbing the mountain. On the wall are three statues which are symbols of prosperity, happiness and longevity. On the ceiling of the chamber are some stalactites hanging down look like thousand of buds in a garden of stone flowers. Passing through a narrow path, tourists will experience a natural museum of lively mammal species such as seals, lions, etc.

In the last chamber of Tam Cung Grotto, visitors can discover a forcing bas-easing in which are cut involved bizarre pictures, lying layer after layer in a congruous format and can see a magnificent bas-relief which carved into many meticulous and strange shapes.